For Churches

We greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Kingdom CTVN currently airs on Roku Channel reaching over 100,000,000 digital TV subscribers! We will offer our viewing audience a 24/7 broadcast schedule of local churches and ministries every 30 minutes, PLUS “on-demand” access to a church or ministry’s previously recorded video content. For starters though, we are offering an affordable video on demand solution where churches can make prerecorded videos available to the viewers as a television viewing experience. Unlike watching videos on YouTube, Instagram, and twitter, there are no advertiser interruptions with irrelevant promotional offers disrupting the viewing experience. Another plus, is that there aren’t any competitive video clips competing for the attention of the viewer.

We’re looking to form a long-term business relationship with churches that are truly on fire for the kingdom of God, and have a passion to reach the lost, and to minister to the body of Christ at large. If that’s what your church is about, we need to work together to bring you in front of as many people as possible. Now is the time to increase the visibility, and awareness of what God is saying and doing through your ministry.

To be committed to the calling of the Lord, and to be specific to the body of Christ at large, we have a heart for ministries that can speak anointed, living word into the lives of the people of God. As such being the case, we have certain categories that are of great importance to us, as you’ll see in the list of categories below.

Your kingdom-oriented videos will be “searchable” under any number of the following channel categories below:

  • Anointed Preaching
  • Anointed Teaching
  • Apologetics & Defending the Faith
  • Bible Study Series
  • Discipleship & Spiritual Maturity
  • Doctrine & Instruction
  • End Times & Bible Prophecy
  • Evangelism & Soul Winning
  • Everlasting Gospel Truth
  • Events & Meetings
  • Apologetics & Defending the Faith
  • Events & Meetings
  • Faith & Edification
  • Featured Speakers
  • Finance & Money Matters
  • Fruit of the Spirit & Spiritual Maturity
  • Getting Your Breakthrough
  • Giving & Benevolence
  • Godliness, Holiness & Righteousness
  • Grace, Mercy & Peace Be Unto You
  • Healing, Health & Wellness
  • Hope & Encouragement
  • Inner Healing & Deliverance
  • Instruction, Insight and Wisdom
  • Jesus Christ the Lord
  • Kingdom Identity & Inheritance
  • Knowing God the Father
  • Life In the Spirit
  • Personal Testimonies & Witnessing
  • Practical Prosperity
  • Praise & Worship
  • Prayer
  • Principles of Kingdom Living
  • Prophetic Ministry
  • Renewing of the Mind and Spirit
  • Signs, Wonders & Miracles
  • Marriage, Family & Relationships
  • Ministry Training & Development
  • World Missions & International Outreach
  • Urban Missions & Community Outreach
  • Music Ministry Spotlight
  • Practical Prosperity
  • Praise and Worship
  • Prayer
  • Preaching & Teaching
  • Prophetic Ministry
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Talk Shows (Themed)
  • The Power of God
  • The Presence of God
  • The Will of God
  • Testimonies & Witnessing
  • Victorious Living
  • Youth & Young Adults

If you have prerecorded videos available that we can broadcast, you can join our network today at a promotional price for new broadcasters. After you are signed up, you can send us your videos to be added to the channel lineup.

Ready to get started?  Then, please complete the “Church Broadcasting Pre-Sale Questionnaire” form here, someone from our tech support team will contact you and/or the person responsible for the video production of the ministry, to go over everything needed to set up your program (like, logos, photos, titles, and descriptions of the messages, etc.) and the technical specifications for sending us your video content for broadcasting.

Now is the appointed time! Let’s build the Kingdom of God together!


Contact: Church Broadcasting Sales
Kingdom Christian Television Network, LLC
Email: Sales@KingdomCTVN.com
Call: 1-800-218-6713