We greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Kingdom Christian Television Network is offering anointed ministries an opportunity to broadcast on our upcoming Roku channel that is set to launch in Late-December 2022/January 2023 with a reach of over 63,000,000+ digital TV subscribers! The Roku TV platform allows us to offer scheduled 30-minute broadcast time slots 24/7 similar to how a cable channel does, along with the “on-demand” access to broadcast content anytime similar to how Hulu and Netflix work.

However, by February 2023 Kingdom CTVN will simultaneously air on the Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV platforms with a combined reach of over 185,000,000 digital TV subscribers!

We will offer our viewing audience a 24/7 broadcast schedule of local churches and ministries every 30 minutes, PLUS “on-demand” access to an entire catalog of a church or ministry’s previously recorded video content. If you have prerecorded videos available that we can broadcast, you can join our network today at a promotional price for new broadcasters. After you are signed up, you can send us your videos to be added to the channel lineup. Your videos will be “searchable” under any number of the following channel categories below:

Let Kingdom CTVN broadcast your ministry’s sermons, inspirational messages, worship services, teaching series, conferences, revivals, workshops, seminars, crusades and other kingdom-building events.

The ideal broadcaster for our network is any well-established or newer full Gospel-oriented ministry/minister that has “in-house” access to creative, technical, and professional resources typically needed to produce “broadcast quality” video recordings of every aspect of a church service that they wish to make available for public viewing. For four churches with video content in place, we are offering a “prelaunch” opportunity to join our network NOW at a promotional price for new broadcasters. 

In addition to the typical broadcasting of worship services, preaching and teaching sermons, prayer services and/or church events, we also want to feature content that emphasizes more of the following; the preaching of the gospel to evangelize the lost, sound doctrine for the discipling of new believers, inner healing of the heart, wise counsel, deliverance, renewing of the mind and spirit, maturing of the saints, the training up of anointed and faithful ministers, the work of domestic and international missionaries/missional organizations, charitable benevolence, the planting of churches, outreach and other services to the local communities we serve.

Kingdom CTVN desires to provide God-given exposure to lesser-known ministries that can be a blessing to disconnected, unchurched families and individuals that need places to worship, fellowship, have communion, sit under sound doctrine, nurture healthy church relationships and involvement, opportunities to grow, thrive and be blessed in financially supporting local kingdom ministry.

Please visit our “sales inquiry” page (here), or contact our sales department at: 1-800-218-6713 anytime between 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern time. You can also email us at: Sales@KingdomCTVN.com.

Additionally, we desire to feature content relating to other matters that directly impact our Christian lifestyle such as; health and wellness, fitness and exercise, money matters, finance and investments, cooking and dieting, family enrichment, healthy relationships, raising children, entrepreneurship, self-employment, ex-offender reentry, community reinvestment, etc.