Sales Reps Wanted

The Kingdom Christian Television Network (Kingdom CTVN) is launching several streaming channels to air in every major city EXCLUSIVELY on Roku streaming television platform! We sell this service to churches and ministries nationwide.

We are looking for a “work from home” sales reps to follow up on preset appointments (made by an independent appointment setter) for them to contact a local church and sell them advertising space and/or broadcasting time slots on our one of our channels. This can be a great part-time opportunity for  anybody with some spare time and a flexible schedule.

We will provide targeted lists of churches to call in specific cities. We will also provide scripting, your own virtual phone line, and a company email account to do the job.

The sales must do TWO things:

  1. They must “FOLLOW-UP” a church with all church leads provided with a phone call to go to over the brochure that the appointment setter sent them and quote the pricing for being on the channel. Then…
  2. They must set a “CLOSE” THE SALE” by encouraging  them to buy the broadcasting service offered by Kingdom CTVN.

If/when the sales rep sells the church a broadcasting package, you’ll be paid a “sales closer commission” of $50/per sale.

NOTE: This position is 100% commission-only. There is NO base pay, draws, or advances. However, commissions are paid EVERY FRIDAY via direct deposit as sales are processed. No waiting! No taxes taken out. You would be an independent contractor (on 1099 tax form).

To be a successful as an appointment setter and/or sales rep for Kingdom CTVN, the ideal candidate should be sincerely motivated to help churches reach more people using streaming TV.

The candidate must also be able to demonstrate effective communication skills that will build rapport with pastors, ministers, church leaders, and other decision-makers/influencers within the organization of a local church/ministry.

We are urgently looking for someone that can apply now, go through onboarding, take a few days to learn the phone presentation/script, and be ready to start making phone calls on the following Monday.

Strong personalities wanted with previous customer service, OUTBOUND cold-calling, prospecting/generating leads, calling business-to-business, telemarketing, outside sales, or inside sales experience. Previous, successful, proven track record in “commission – only” environments a huge plus!

All interested candidates MUST visit: https://kingdomctvn.com/new-sales-rep-questionnaire for immediate consideration. You may also view our YouTube video at: https://youtu.be/ALB3-ew42Lo.Find. You may also visit us at: https://KingdomCTVN.com for more info.